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Next Registration intake is Friday November 1 for intake 2.


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We are located at  Glenview Public School - 401 Rosewell Ave Toronto

Avenue Rd and Lawrence Ave West  (minutes from Lawrence Subway station)


Please fill out the Joining Forms located on Join Cadets page, and bring in copies of one of the Identification cards requested.



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What is 180 Mosquito Squadron and the Royal Canadian Air Cadets?

The Royal Canadian Air Cadets is a national organization for youth aged 12 to 18, sponsored and run by the Air Cadet League (a civilian organization) and the Department of National Defence. The organization is made up many training centres, gliding centres, and most importantly, the squadrons, of which every cadet is a part of. 180 Mosquito Squadron is named after the De Havilland DH-98 Mosquito, one of the most successful military aircraft of World War II, and is one of over 450 Air Cadet squadrons across Canada.

180 Squadron is located in central Toronto near Lawrence Ave W and Avenue Rd. Cadets are asked to commit to attending every Friday evening at Glenview Public School. We also offer optional programs such as a Marching Band and Drill Team who practices on Saturdays, Range and Rifle Drill Team who practice Sundays and a sports program who practice Monday evenings. Further we have a flying scholarship program as cadets maybe able to obtain their Pilots licence and other outings such as weekend field exercises, parades, and competitions.

All Cadets are required to assist with fundraising and are also required to sell 1 book of fundraining lottary tickets ($60 value). They are also required to attend fundraising events such as TAG Days, Poppy selling and Red Nose Selling. These fundraising activities are required to help off set our large required budget. Such as school permit fee's of over $27 000.

For more information on the Cadet program, visit the National Cadet Website.

Upcoming Activities Information

Fall Exercise

180 Mosquito Squadron



Fall FTX 18-20 Oct 2019

Depart: NLT 1830hrs (6:30 p.m.) Friday, Oct, 18th from Denison Armory

Return: around 1500hrs (3:00 p.m.) Sunday Oct 20th to Denison Armory,

MUST Bring:

  1. HEALTH CARD (no photocopies)
  2. Personal medication, you MUST inform the Officers if you are bringing anything before the departure date. 
    • And must be in ORIGINAL bottle, with the prescription label on bottle
  3. Toiletries, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap
  4. Insure you have your hair cut before the trip.
  5. Canteen or water bottle.
  6. Clean underwear, socks, and clothing must have 4 pairs too last 3 days and extra just in case.
  7. Wet weather foot wear, YOU WILL BE WALKING A LOT AND IT IS MUDDY.
  8. Warm clothing, preferably layering your clothing due to the sudden difference of weather and activities. YOU WILL GET WET AND DIRTY
  9. Rain Jacket/Pants
  10. Gloves and Toque/Balaclava
  11. Sun screen
  12. Bug Spray
  13. Flashlight
  14. Pencil and paper
  15. Bucket of fun
  16. Sleeping bag, with bag to carry it in
  17. Money for dinner enroute.
  18. Knapsack, no suit cases. (This is to carry your personal kit.)

Do not bring:

  • Knives
  • Lighters
  • Anything valuable to you, e.g., game boy, PSP, MP3, iPod, portable DVD player, laptop computer etc. If you bring such items then you will be responsible for any damages or loss.
  • Anything illegal,

All paperwork must be submitted NLT Friday the 11th. This includes the verifcation form, and if a new recruit the completed recruit package.  Due to regulations, if the paperwork is not complete, you can not partake in the FTX.   

Emergency phone number for the week: 416 709 9149 or 416-890-1964. This is the phone number of Maj Marsh, only call in case of an emergency.  The cadets will have access to phones and can call home.





Fitness Testing 

Range Day


We will be having a fitness testing day for all cadets who need it on Sunday 27 October at Denison.

From 9am to 12pm. 

Cadets that are NCO's, OJT's, or in flight 1 or 2 may come to Range Team tryouts on Sunday 27 October at Denison.

From 1pm to 430pm.





Legion Poppy Selling


All cadets (no exceptions) are required to attend at least 1 shift of poppy selling. A shift is a morning or afternoon.

Shifts times and locations:

Sunday 27 Oct - from Denison during 930am to noon - 1pm to 4pm
Saturday 2 Nov - from Glenview from 930am to noon - 1pm to 4pm
Sunday 3 Nov - from Denison (afternoon only) 1pm to 4pm
Saturday 9 Nov - From Legion after remembrance day parade 12pm to 4pm
Sunday 10 Nov  - From Denison (afternoon Only) 1pm to 4pm
Find a time and sign up with Sgt Abukar

Remembrance Day Service

All cadets must attend at least one Remembrance Day Service
Remembrance Day Services will be held on the following days:
Sat 9 Nov - at York Cemetery 
Mon 11 Nov - at Mt Pleasant Cemetery and at Toronto Centre for the Arts
More information to come.

Santa Claus Parade Schedule

Cadets are to be in uniform for the parades. Tunic, Shirts and Ties are not required as cadets will be wearing Cadet Sweaters.
In order to save your boots cadets also have the option to not wear their parade boots and can wear black footwear.
Females are also permitted to wear Pony tails.
See WO2 Davis for more details.
Nov 16                                                                 Keswick and Bradford Santa Parade
12:00 Depart Glenview Public School 401 Rosewell Ave Toronto
9pm Return to Denison Armories 1 Yukon Ln (near Sheppard and Allen Expressway)
Dinner Provided
Nov 23                                                                 Ajax Santa
4pm Depart Glenview Public School 401 Rosewell Ave Toronto
9pm Return to Denison Armories 1 Yukon Ln (near Sheppard and Allen Expressway)
Dinner Provided
Nov 30                                                                  Pickering and Port Hope Santa     
9am Depart Glenview Public School 401 Rosewell Ave Toronto
4pm return Glenview Public school
Lunch Provided
Dec 7                                                                      Bolton Santa
930am Depart Glenview Public School 401 Rosewell Ave
130pm Return Glenview Public School 
No meal provided

180 Denison Sports Competition

180 Squadron will be host a Sports Competition on Sunday 8 December from 9 am to 430 pm at Denison.
Sportswill be Basketball, European Handball, Volleyball and Dodgeball.
Teams will be accepted on a first come first serve basis up to 8 teams.
Changes from last year will be each unit is to provide 2 senior cadets to assist with Reffing.  
This will give them experience, and a more advanced leadership tasking as they are reffing other cadet units.
Each unit is still required to provide 1 staff member to assist with reffing or over-seeing a game being reffed by cadets to ensure they receive the support they require when needed.
Cost will be $20 per unit to assist in paying for the Trophies.
Dodgeball Rules Video
Handball Rules Video

Upcoming Events

Please go to the Calendar for the full list of events, including team practices.

Fri 18 Oct to 20 Oct - Fall Field Exercise

Sun  27 Oct - Recruit Fitness Testing and Sr Range Day

Poppy Selling - The weekends of 27 Oct, 2-3 Nov, 9-10 Nov

Sun 17 Nov - Toronto Santa Parade

Sat 16 Nov - Keswick Santa and Richmond Hill Santa

Sat 23 Nov - Ajax Santa

Sun 30 Nov - Pickering and Port Hope 

Sat 7 Dec - Bolton Santa

Sun 8 Dec - 180 Sports Comp